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Welcome to Fox Hollow Campus!

The Fox Hollow Campus consists of three specialized programs:  The Fox Hollow Intervention Program, the Homebound Instruction Program and Lane ESD’s Intensive Services Program.

Fox Hollow Intervention Program is highly specialized and designed to support students with social, emotional and behavioral needs, using the special education placement process. The program utilizes a data-based, trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and restorative approach for supporting individual students toward making growth in their individual goals. Fox Hollow staff work hard to build honest, trusting and collaborative relationships with student families and community teams to help support success across environments. Fox Hollow staff will support and collaborate with neighborhood school staff, and individual student teams, to make sure that each student is able to access instruction in the least restrictive environment, using a purposeful continuum of services. It is the goal of all Fox Hollow staff to facilitate the necessary skills for students to return to their neighborhood schools. Students are referred to the Fox Hollow Intervention Program by their school of residence, using the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process.

Homebound Instruction Program (HI) is for all district students who need it. It is a short-term, interim program for students who are unable to attend school, due to mostly medical issues limiting students from accessing in-person instruction in their neighborhood school. Homebound Instruction is typically five hours a week of instruction, provided by a licensed teacher, in a student’s home or somewhere near their home, (supervised by a parent/guardian). Homebound Instruction provides access to core instruction, but is not a comprehensive program. Meaning it cannot replicate the depth and breadth of a typical school program or day. While in Homebound Instruction, students will stay concurrently enrolled with their neighborhood school. When possible, there is collaboration between the neighborhood school and the HI teachers. Students are referred to Homebound Instruction by their school of residence.

Lane ESD Intensive Services Program (ISP) serves students whose support needs require environmental modifications that may not be feasible on a general education campus, as decided by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team. This program typically serves students who require a Life Skills level of service.